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Classes & Staff

​​​​​​​Our classrooms are alive with laughter and learning. We strive to create engaging classroom environments, with lessons designed with students’ interests in mind.

Tay Shores Classes & Staff   

​Principal Ms Timpano
​Vice Principal
​Mr Kirwan
​Senior Admin. Assistant
​Ms Morphet
​Clerk Steno​Ms Chapman
​Library Ms Gray
​FDKMs Tonello & Ms Little
​FDK​Ms Thorpe​ & Ms Delange
​FDK​Ms Zmijowskyj & Ms. Bresette
​FDK​Ms Faragher & Ms Profit
Grade 1
​​Ms Boehme
​Grade 1
Mr Cronin​
​Grade 1​Ms Hunter​
​Grade 2
Ms Watson
​Grade 2
Ms. Snider
​Grade 2/3
Ms Thomas
​Grade 3
Ms Rose        
​Grade 3
​Ms Ralston
​Grade 4
​Ms Summerfield
​Grade 4
​Mr Gammell/Ms Barclay
​Grade 4/5
​Ms Alkins
​Grade 5
Ms Lalonde
​Grade 5/6
Ms Guthrie
​Grade 6
Ms Glover
​Grade 7
Mr Moore
​Grade 7
Mr Dubbin
​Grade 8
​Mr Armstrong
​Grade 8
Ms Dunlop
​Learning Centre
​Ms. Shaw
​Learning Centre
​Ms. Leis
​French​Ms Beeney, Ms Nightingale, Ms Jones
​Planning Time​Ms Smith, Ms Long, Ms Nightingale, Mr Gilchrist, Mr Bulovs, Ms Martyn
​Ms Walker, Mr Kirwan
​EAsMs Jones, Mr Bellisle, Ms Christmas, Ms Sallows, Ms Belcourt, Ms Wilson, Ms Curran
​CYWC Bastedo
​Custodial Staff​​Mr Grant, Mr Taylor, Mr Marion